With the ever changing legislation, it’s important that we keep up-to-date. All Driving Consultants are trained and experienced and work closely with you to ensure that we are helping you achieve your requirements, but also that we are helping you keep safe on the road. All drivers are required to complete a competency test at registration stage in order to ascertain the level of skill they obtain.

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We are a leading producer of raw materials in the UK.

As well as unloading from ship to road vehicles, we also load ships and barges, including loading several thousand Cross Rail tunnel segments on barges that never saw a road and we are currently working on the HS2 project.

I have been working with HMP Working Out Scheme for many years now and have had some 20-30 serving prisoners work for me prior to release over these years.

They have all worked well, been reliable and have fitted into the team seamlessly.

They have all been well liked by both their fellow workers and management.

They have all become a valuable asset to the company, some have stayed for a year or two before returning to their home areas and one has gone on to start his own carpentry business.

When we first started with offenders here, the staff were wary and uncertain, but now because of their hard work and attitude they have been fully accepted into the workforce.

I am and have been happy with the whole scheme and have offered many a full- time position on his release.

If needed I would be happy to be contacted for any questions or further information.

Yours sincerely

G.R. – Company Director


We have been using Connect Personnel now for over 6 years at our company and have been very pleased with their commitment to supplying us casual staff in this period. They are a professional company that are very fast at providing us with staff at sometimes very short notice.

Justyna Orpington Client


I have worked with Connect Personnel for over 14 years firstly at a company in Crayford and now in Faversham. I feel that the time I have worked with them they have come to understand the industry and the business environment.
They are quick to react to differing situations and always find time to understand the environment in which they work.
I would not hesitate to recommend them to new clients.

John E based in Faversham


From initial enquiry, Connect Personnel were very helpful, professional and prompt showing genuine interest in our objectives and were very enthusiastic during our seasonal and promotional production ensuring that we achieved our objectives.

Kevin Crayford Client

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