Is your Company Ready for Christmas?

Is your Company Ready for Christmas?

The third door of the advent calendar has now been opened and we are running out of trading days in 2018.

To ensure that you get the most from this month, we’ve prepared this short checklist for you:

Do all your customers and clients know your Christmas Opening Hours?

Have you sent out an email or letter so that everyone knows when you are closing for the festive period?

In addition to proactive communication you can also update you Google My Business profile.

Let Social Media followers know when you will respond

Depending on how you normally manage social media, some customers may expect interaction outside of normal times.

If this is the case, it’s important to manage expectations for when customers can expect responses in December. Facebook and Twitter both have pinned post functionality, which means you can ‘stick’ a particular status or tweet to the top of your profile page, ensuring its visibility to anyone who clicks on your profile until it’s taken down.

You may want to add a graphic which will have the dual function of informing your contacts and also taking the chance to wish them festive felicitations.

Prepare your staff

Do your staff know what will be expected of them during December to ensure they fit in with the ebb and flow of work?

Could you take advantage of the quieter period to complete those necessary non-urgent jobs?

Will you have sufficient staff to deal with increased demand?

If you don’t then we may be able to help!



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